For over a century, immigration has been a means to support the growth of Canada. Along with those who migrate to Canada permanently, many individuals come to Canada to stay temporarily (whether as visitors, international students, or temporary foreign workers). Regardless of their pathway to Canada, everyone contributes in a meaningful way to Canada’s economy and the growth of various industries, and contributes to Canada’s diversity and multiculturalism. Immigration has helped to build the country.

As a result, with immigration as a top priority, on February 14, 2022, the Immigration Department of the Government of Canada, i.e., Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), announced Canada’s Immigration Levels Plan for 2022–2024, following the Annual Report on Immigration for the year 2021.

According to the Immigration and Canada’s Economic Recovery report (by IRCC), more than 405,000 new permanent residents were welcomed to Canada in 2021, and Canada now aims to welcome

  • In year 2022: 431,645 New Permanent Residents,
  • In year 2023: 447,055 New Permanent Residents, and
  • In year 2024: 451,000 New Permanent Residents

In this proposed Immigration Plan, the count of invitations under Federal High Skilled Workers (Express Entry) Program, has been reduced to 50% i.e. 55,900 invitations for year 2022, to tackle the backlog caused due to the significant growth in the number of applications for permanent residence visas via the Temporary Resident to Permanent Resident (TR2PR) stream and the resettlement of Afghan nationals to Canada.

Additionally, in order to support the Francophone community outside Quebec, the Government of Canada set an objective to increase to reach a target of 4.4% French-speaking immigrants outside Quebec by 2023.

Moreover as per IRCC, there are currently more than 960,000 unfilled positions across all sectors, and by 2030, more than 5 million Canadians are expected to retire, with the worker-to-retiree ratio dropping to only 3:1, indicating that Canada has a strong economic need for increased immigration.

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Detailed information related to the minimum and maximum count of invitations under each pathway for the years 2022–2024 published by IRCC is as follows:.

Canadian Immigration Plan (2022 - 2024)
Immigrant CategoryTargetLow RangeHigh RangeTargetLow RangeHigh RangeTargetLow RangeHigh Range
Overall Planned Permanent Resident Admissions431,645360,000445,000447,055380,000465,000451,000390,000475,000
Economic Immigration
Federal High Skilled55,90052,00064,00075,75063,00084,000111,50091,000118,000
Provincial Nominee Program83,50080,00095,00086,00082,00095,00093,00088,00098,000
Federal Business1,0008001,5001,0008001,5001,5001,0002,000
Economic Pilots: Caregivers OR Agri-Food Pilot Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot OR Economic Mobility Pathways Project10,2504,00010,50011,2507,00018,00012,7508,00020,000
Atlantic Immigration Program6,2504,0008,0006,5004,00010,0006,5004,00012,000
Federal Economic Public Policies40,00030,00048,00032,00025,00042,000---
Quebec Skilled Workers and Business
Quebec's Economic Immigration33,90032,00046,600------
Qualified Workers28,80027,40041,500------
Qualified Workers
selected in the
PEQ Diploma
Other Qualified Workers23,70022,60024,700------
Business people4,3004,0004,300------
Other Economics Categories800600800------
Other Immigrants5004003,300------
Total Economic241,850210,000248,000253,000222,000259,000267,750235,000273,000
Spouses, Partners and Children80,00068,00081,00081,00070,00084,00081,00070,00084,000
Parents and Grandparents25,00019,00031,00028,50022,00038,00032,00027,00043,000
Quebec's Family Grouping10,60010,20011,600------
Total Family105,00090,000109,000109,50094,000113,000113,00099,000117,000
Refugees and Protected Persons
Protected Persons in Canada and Dependents Abroad24,50020,00027,50025,00020,50028,00025,50021,00028,500
Resettled Refugees - Government-Assisted19,79015,50024,00017,26013,50026,00013,00010,00019,500
Resettled Refugees - Privately Sponsored31,25519,00034,00030,79519,40034,00023,00015,50028,000
Resettled Refugees - Blended Visa Office-Referred1,0001001,1001,0001001,1001,0001001,100
Quebec's Refugees and People in a similar situation
Protected Persons in Canada and Dependents Abroad4,7004,4005,300------
Resettled Refugees - Government-Assisted1,7001,6501,900------
Sponsored Refugees3,0002,7503,400------
Recognized Refugees2,8002,5003,700------
Total Refugees and Protected Persons76,54555,00079,50074,05557,00082,00062,50050,00075,500
Humanitarian and Other
Total Humanitarian & Compassionate and Other8,2505,0008,50010,5007,00011,0007,750--

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