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About Us

Our Approach

Our approach revolves around acting as a guide and facilitator who provides trusted counsel and step-by-step guidance to prepare you well for life abroad. PIS stands to deliver world-class services in immigration, residency, international education, citizenship, and global resettlement services, all the way from pre-travel processing and support to post-landing support and naturalization.

Service: In and Out

We understand that an immigration application is a high-stakes game and, as such, a pivotal decision in your life. At PIS, your application and documentation are carefully scrutinised for any errors or shortcomings that may lower your chances of success. Our immigration experts and the team of experienced professional consultants and immigration counsellors ensure a high success rate and are capable of resolving even the trickiest challenges.

Our Team

Our team consists of dedicated immigration consultants and immigration experts with a combined total of hundreds of successful immigration cases under their supervision. Our team ensures that our clients receive a personalized service experience and that all options are explored to satisfy their unique requirements. With a high success rate, our team of committed immigration counsellors, advisors, and consultants make sure the immigration journey is perfect.

What draws people to us as immigration consultant?

PIS is a best-in-class service and our field-expertise and high standard of professionalism is what makes us stand out from others.

Experienced Consultants :We have a team of dedicated immigration consultants with a combined good number of years of experience in this industry.

Transparent Process :We'll keep you up to date on the status of the case, and above all, we value customer satisfaction, client privileges, and confidentiality.

Case Specific Guidance :Our expert counsellors will ensure applications are error-free and complete, and will also explore all the immigration pathways that lead to success.

Documentation Support :We ensure your applications are error-free and complete. Our counsellors will help you explore all your options before deciding on the best plan of action.

Roadmap for Success :We will assist you in taking advantage of new opportunities and the most recent trends in immigration programs.

Modern & Best Industry Rates :Being an expert immigration service provider and customer-oriented, we provide our services at a reasonable price.


Our Services

Permanent Residence Visa

This visa is for an individual and their dependent family members, granting them permanent residence in a specific country.

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Tourist And Visitor

This is an individual's permission to remain in a country for a specific period of time, granted under certain conditions.

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Family Sponsorship Visa

This is a visa that permits the immediate family members of a permanent resident or citizen of a country to reside, work, and study.

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Language Coaching

This is a visa that permits the immediate family members of a permanent resident (PR) or citizen of a country to reside, work, and study.

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