How to apply Australia Tourist Visa from India

Prepare to visit Australia for the first time? Are you prepared for perpetual sunshine, stunning beaches, dramatic deserts, and prehistoric culture? With the help of this detailed information, start checking things off your bucket list and plan a trip to remember. India citizens need an Australia Temporary Residence Visa in order to visit as tourists to Australia. Australia Tourist or Visitor visa Subclass 600, permits a shorter stay in Australia.

Australia Visit Visa Details

To facilitate short trips and tourism to Australia, visiting individuals, families, and businesspeople use the Australia Visit Visa. There are three different types of Visit Visa for Australia:

  • Tourist visitor: Someone who travels to Australia for vacation, business, or to see friends and relatives. You may apply for this either from within or outside of Australia.
  • Business visitor: For professionals undertaking brief business visits for meetings, negotiations, or events. This must be applied for from outside of Australia.
  • Sponsored family visitor- Parents of Australian citizens and permanent residents are granted visitor visas with longer validity for family members outside of Australia who are sponsored for a visit visa by an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

Required Documents for an Australian Tourist visa

  • The applicant’s original passport needs to be valid for at least six months after the date of travel.
  • The correctly completed application for a visa.
  • The applicant has recently had their picture taken. 35–40mm wide and 45–50mm long.
  • The candidate must demonstrate that they have the money to stay in Australia via bank statements, tax returns, credit card statements, audited accounts for the past three months, or any other proof.
  • A statement in writing stating the visitor’s intention to return to India following the trip.
  • A thorough itinerary that includes your passport information, arrival and departure dates, destination etc.
  • A cover letter stating your reason for trip, and lodging information, strong ties to the country.
  • The candidate’s birth certificate
  • Non Objection Certificate (NOC) from employer stating the candidate’s plan to return to the job.
  • Non Objection Certificate from the child’s school, college or university if needed.
  • Business Registration Documents if Self Employed
  • Evidence of direct family members living in the country of origin
  • Evidence that you own a property or other significant assets in your place of origin

How to apply for Australia Tourist Visa?

  • Create an Immi Account.
  • Attach documents.
  • Submit family applications together.
  • Pay the application fee. Application is not processed until the fees is paid
  • Do not buy tickets until receive a in writing that visa has been granted
  • Have health examination before applying for visa
  • Update the changes if any
  • If visa is approved, these details are mentioned:
  • Visa grant number
  • Date visa starts
  • Visa conditions

Important Points for Fast Track Visas

  1. After receiving the necessary paperwork at the Australian High Commission, the majority of Fast Track applications must be handled within 48 hours.
  2. In order for a guest visa to be granted, the applicant must fulfil the requirements outlined in migration law (included health, character and security check).
  3. There is absolutely no Assurance that fast track applications will be approved in less than 48 hours.
  4. The fast track service cost is NON-REFUNDABLE, regardless of how long it takes or whether the visa application is denied.
  5. If above 75 years old, DIAC will ask:
  6. An “Aged Visitor Health Check” done by a panel doctor appointed by the DIAC and showing proof of health insurance for the duration of the stay
  7. Medical: If the applicant meets the following criteria: The Embassy may request that they undergo a medical examination by a panel doctor they have authorized.
  8. If the applicant is 75 years of age or older;
  9. Intends to remain for more than three months,
  10. Going into any hospital
  11. Those who might visit a hospital, a medical facility, or a classroom.
  12. Those who are likely to work in day-care facilities.
  13. Those who are likely to work as paramedics, nurses, doctors, or dentists (and students of these professions).

How long can you stay in Australia on Australia tourist Visa?

There is a one-year (12 months) validity period. In this period, Indian visitors can return to Australia multiple times and stay for three months each time.

What is the cost of Australia Tourist visa?

The cost of Australia Tourist Visa is AUD 150 per person.

What is the Processing time for Australia Tourist visa?

The general processing time for Australia Tourist Visa is 15 to 20 days, however the situation may vary depending upon the volume of Australia Visit Visa applications submitted to the Ministry of Home Affairs Australia.

The percentage of the processing time of Australia Tourist Visa is as follows:

  • 25% of applications: 4 Days
  • 50% of applications: 12 Days
  • 75% of applications: 18 Days
  • 90% of applications: 35 Day

How will Peerless Immigration Services assist you in obtaining a tourist visa to Australia?

You may get the greatest assistance with your Australia visit visa from Australia Tourist Visa. We’ll help you with:

  • Check which visa type would be the best to apply with?
  • Screen and Process your documents
  • Filling up forms for you
  • Review your documents
  • Apply for your visa

Frequently Asked Questions

On an Australian tourist or visit visa, you are allowed to visit as many times as you like for up to a year. Each time, the duration of the stay could be three months, six months, or 12 months; it would depend upon the purpose of your visit. The visa is open to citizens of many nations and areas who do not reside in Australia.

Yes. If you are currently in Australia and need to extend your stay due to some unavoidable reason (other than business or medical treatment), then you can apply for the extension of your visitor visa. On the basis of the reasons for extending the stay, the government will extend the stay up to 12 months.

  • Choose the type of sub-class you want to apply for based on your needs.
  • You should schedule a time to submit your application.
  • Submit your visa application with the visa processing fees, and
  • Await the decision.

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