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Canada Spouse Visa

Want your spouse to join you in Canada Permanently but don’t know how? No worries Peerless Immigration Services the best Canada Immigration Consultants in India will guide you through the entire Canada Spouse Visa Process. Every Canada Permanent Resident or Canadian Citizen who wants to relocate their family to Canada is given an open door. You can do it by requesting a spouse visa for Canada from India. Spousal sponsorship Canada enables a Canadian resident or PR to apply for Canada PR on behalf of their spouse, common-law partner, or dependent children so that they can live with them in Canada. The application process for this sponsorship takes around a year. The potential sponsor must be able or willing to meet the financial needs of the spouse or common-law partner.

What is Canada Spouse Visa?

Canada Spouse Visa is the pathway through which a Canadian citizen or resident sponsors their spouse to come live with them permanently. You can sponsor your common-law partner, spouse or conjugal partner with this Visa.

One of the most popular Canada immigration routes is through Canada Spousal Sponsorship, and hundreds of people are actively learning more about how to submit their application. You have two choices when filling out one of these applications: Inland Spousal Sponsorship or Outland Spousal Sponsorship.

Inland Spousal Sponsorship

Applicant who wish to submit a sponsorship application while already living in Canada on a legal status (e.g. work permit or study permit) must submit an ‘Inland’ application. If an applicant is pursuing an Inland application, they become eligible to obtain an open work permit, with their application.

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Outland Spousal Sponsorship

Applicant who lives outside Canada while their spouse is a Canadian Citizen or a Permanent Resident can apply for Outland Spousal Sponsorship. This program can be opted by those residing in Canada but want the flexibility to travel in and out of Canada while their application is under process.

It’s crucial to choose the option that’s ideal for you because the Canada Spouse Visa process might take up to a year!

What are the benefits of Canada Spouse Visa?

Enlisted below are some of the benefits of a Canada Spouse Visa

  • No language proficiency test: The fact that you are not obliged to take the language proficiency exam because it is not necessary is one of the best benefits of the Canada spouse visa. No such language score submission requirement exists for spouse visa Canada requirements.
  • No Work Experience Required: The necessity of job experience is another aspect of the Canada-dependent visa eligibility requirements that are absent. You are allowed to apply for the Canada Spouse Visa without having to demonstrate any form of work experience.
  • No Education Credential Assessment: An individual applying for Canada Spouse Visa does not require an Education Credential Assessment (ECA)
  • Career Opportunity in Canada: The ability to work full-time in Canada for any employer, and that too legally, is the second best feature of the Canadian spouse visa. You can do this to support yourself.
  • Live, Work, and Study:, Post receiving the Canada PR via Canada Spouse Visa an immigrant is free to live, pursue education, and work in Canada also they are eligible to avail of several social benefits including security, healthcare, pension, etc.
  • Sponsor blood relatives: After becoming a Canada PR an immigrant can support his or her relatives in their Canada Immigration.

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Eligibility Criteria for Sponsor

An applicant can sponsor his/ her spouse if the applicant fulfills the spouse visa Canada requirements:

  • Is at least 18 years old.
  • Is a Citizen of Canada, a Permanent Resident of Canada, or a person registered under the Canadian Indian Act.
  • Prove that he/ she is not receiving any social assistance from the government of Canada, for any reasons other than a disability.
  • Can provide for the basic needs of any persons you want to sponsor.

Is there any income requirement for Sponsor?

There is no such income requirement for spousal sponsorship Canada. The applicant only needs to meet the income requirements if:

  • The applicant is sponsoring a dependent child that has 1 or more dependent children of their own, or
  • The applicant is sponsoring a spouse or partner that has a dependent child, and their dependent child has 1 or more children of their own.

Who cannot sponsor?

An applicant cannot sponsor a spouse if:

  • Applicant is less than 18 years old.
  • Applicant does not intend to live in Canada when the sponsor becomes a Canadian Permanent Resident.
  • Applicant is not a Citizen of Canada, a Permanent Resident of Canada, or a person registered under the Canadian Indian Act.
  • Applicant is a temporary resident in Canada.
  • Applicant’s Canadian Permanent Residence (PR) application is still in process.
  • Applicant does not have sufficient funds to support the sponsor (if applicable*)

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Documents Required for Spouse Visa

Listed below are the general documents required for Spouse Visa Canada are:

  • A copy of your marriage certificate
  • Passport-sized recent coloured photos
  • Documentation of all name changes you and your spouse have had are required.
  • A copy of your birth certificate
  • A copy of your valid passport
  • A copy of your financial records
  • Original sponsorship letter
  • Police Clearance Certificate (if applicable)
  • Medical Exam Certificate
  • Bank statement
  • Address verification
  • Prepare for the interview

How to Apply?

Both individuals in question shall be required to fill out their biometric details, such as their names, age, gender, and all other information that may be classified as biometric in nature.

After the applications have been filled properly, the individuals will be required to pay a fee, which is applicable for the application.

Individuals may also need to pay extra for the purpose of medical examinations or police certificates.


You may sponsor your spouse, partner, or child to reside in Canada. If you are a:

  • Canadian citizen
  • Person registered in Canada as an Indian under the Canadian Indian Act
  • Canada Permanent resident

Below is a list of the government processing fees involved in sponsoring your spouse, domestic partner, or common-law partner. You will have to pay an additional charges of $150 per depend child if included in your application.

  • Sponsorship fee : CAD $75
  • Processing Fee: CAD $490
  • Right of Permanent Resident Fee (RPRF): CAD $515
  • Biometrics Fee: CAD $85

Total: CAD $1165

On top of the expenses listed above, the sponsor must pay $850 CAD if they already live in Quebec or plan to move there after they receive permanent residency.

The processing time for Canada Spouse Visa varies as per the type of Souse Visa. There are 2 types of Spouse Visa for Canada:

  • Inland Spouse Visa: The general processing time for Inland Spouse Visa is 14 months
  • Outland Spouse Visa: The general processing time for Outland Spouse Visa is 16 months.

The situation may vary depending upon the right documents provided by the applicant

Both you and your partner must be 18 years of age or older in order to apply for a visa for your spouse or conjugal partner.

You cannot sponsor someone if they are not a family class member, such as your partner. To sponsor your spouse, you must be a citizen, a permanent resident, or hold a valid work permit.

Your marriage must be sincere and not have been started solely to get permanent residence status. You must have been together for at least a year.

Until the person you are sponsoring becomes a permanent resident of Canada, you have the right to withdraw your sponsorship application at any time.


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