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New Brunswick PNP

Individuals who wish to immigrate to Canada through the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP) must be qualified for the type of job they wish to apply for and have a minimum of two years of work experience in the same profile. Applying through the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP) is just the first step. Individuals will also need to go through the IRCC and the Canadian Express Entry System in order to be granted residency in that province.


The various streams of immigration that the provincial government of New Brunswick offers to foreign nationals are explained below:

  • NB Skilled Worker Stream
  • NB Express Entry Stream
  • NB Business Immigration Stream
  • NB Strategic Initiative Stream for French-speaking immigrants
  • Atlantic Immigration Pilot for New Brunswick Employers

New Brunswick Express Entry Labour Market Stream

This stream of immigration is aligned with the Express Entry System of Canada, individuals who showcase a high level of experience and skills in a stream of work shall be eligible to immigrate to New Brunswick through this program.

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New Brunswick Entrepreneurial Stream

Business owners or senior business managers who are capable of investing in Canadian businesses are eligible to immigrate to the province through this stream, individuals will be required to have a significant net worth and show interest in buying or investing in Canadian businesses, this stream has been closed since October 18th, 2018, however, it is expected to reopen sometime in the future.

New Brunswick Post-Graduate Entrepreneurial Stream

This stream is specifically made for graduates of colleges and universities in New Brunswick, to be eligible the individual will also have to have started or bought a business in the province. The individual will also be required to showcase a decent mark in the Canadian language benchmark.

New Brunswick Skilled Workers with Employer Support

This stream focuses on highly skilled foreign workers who have enough experience to conduct themselves efficiently while they are on the job, individuals to immigrate through this stream must also own a job offer from an employer, based in New Brunswick.

All individuals who wish to call this province their home will be able to do so with relative ease as like any other part of Canada this province is also welcoming of newcomers and that coupled with a cheap cost of living makes it a haven for immigrants who are looking for work and wish to settle in this part of Canada.


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