Child Sponsorship Visa

Individuals in quest of greater possibilities in life frequently come from situations that were forced upon them by necessity. Countries all across the world have realised the value of keeping families together for such individuals, as studies have shown that people who live with their family are happier and more productive overall. Following this discovery, the Canadian government along with the Immigration Department of Canada, i.e., Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), devised a number of immigration pathways via which individuals employed in the country but are not natural-born citizens can reunite with their families.

Child Sponsorship Visa

The Immigration Department of Canada, i.e., Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), introduced this Family Sponsorship Program, through which a parent/Individual/sponsor can sponsor his relatives, including spouse, partner, children, parents, grandparents, and others, to immigrate to Canada.

If the children meet the definition of dependent under the Child Sponsorship Visa, the parents can sponsor them to become a Canadian Permanent Resident.

Criteria for Eligibility – For Children

Children are considered dependents if they meet both of these criteria:

They are under the age of 22, and

Do not have a spouse or common-law partner.

Children aged 22 and up may also qualify as dependents if they meet both of the following criteria:

Because of a mental or physical condition, they are unable to support themselves financially, and

They have relied on their parents for financial support since they were under the age of 22.

Criteria for Eligibility – For Parents/ Sponsor

Parents can sponsor their children if they meet the following criteria:

The sponsor must be at least 18 years of age.

Sponsor should be a Canadian citizen, a Permanent Resident of Canada, or an Indian registered in Canada under the Canadian Indian Act.

If the sponsoring parent is a Canadian citizen living outside of Canada, he or she must show that he or she intends to live in Canada once the children he or she is sponsoring become permanent residents of Canada.

If a parent is a Canadian Permanent Resident who lives outside of Canada, they cannot sponsor their child.

Parents also need to demonstrate that they are not receiving any social assistance for reasons other than disability.

If the sponsor lives outside of Quebec, he or she must promise to take care of the child’s finances by completing an undertaking and signing a sponsorship agreement.

The undertaking commits the sponsor to supporting the sponsored child from the day the child becomes a permanent resident and repaying any provincial social assistance the sponsored child receives during this time, whereas sponsorship agreement commits that the sponsor fulfill the basic needs of the sponsored child.

If the sponsor lives inside Quebec: After getting approval to become a sponsor from the Quebec immigration department, the sponsor must meet Quebec’s immigration sponsorship standards and sign an undertaking with the province of Quebec in order to sponsor a child to become a permanent resident.

Duration of Sponsorship (Undertaking)

Duration of Undertaking” refers to the amount of time a sponsor is financially responsible for the sponsored family member, starting from the day the sponsored person becomes a Permanent Resident.

Length of Undertaking Outside Quebec

Sponsored PersonLength of undertaking Outside Quebec
Spouse, common-law partner or conjugal partner3 years
Dependent child (biological or adopted) or child to be adopted in Canada under 22 years of age10 years, or until age 25, whichever comes first
Dependent child 22 years of age or older3 years
Parent or grandparent20 years
Other relative10 years

Length of Undertaking Inside Quebec

Sponsored PersonDuration of Sponsorship
(Inside Quebec)
Spouse, de facto spouse or conjugal partner3 years
Child under 16 years of age10 years or until the age of majority (18 years old), whichever is longer
Child 16 years of age and older3 years or until the age of 25, whichever is longer
Other relatives10 years
Minimum Income Requirement for Parents/ Sponsor

Provided the sponsor lives outside of Quebec, he or she is only required to meet the minimum income requirement if the the sponsored dependent child has 1 or more dependent children of their own.

If the sponsor lives in Quebec, he or she must show that he or she has sufficient financial resources for the last twelve months and that those resources will be available for the length of the undertaking.

Cannot Sponsor Child if:

The sponsor has already applied to sponsor the child, but no decision has been made on that application.

If the sponsor is incarcerated, whether in a jail, prison, or a penitentiary,

If the sponsor failed to repay an immigration loan, a performance bond, or a court-ordered family support payment, such as alimony or child support (not applicable if the sponsor lived in Quebec)

In the past, the sponsor did not provide the financial support agreed to when signing a sponsorship agreement to sponsor someone else (not applicable if the sponsor lived in Quebec).

The sponsor filed for bankruptcy and was not discharged (not applicable because the sponsor lived in Quebec).

The sponsor receives social security benefits for a reason other than disability.

The sponsor was found guilty of attempting, threatening to commit, or committing a violent criminal offence, any offence against a relative, or any sexual offence inside or outside of Canada.

Because of a Removal Order, the sponsor is unable to legally remain in Canada.

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