Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)

Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)

Express Entry is an online application system managed by the immigration department of the Government of Canada i.e. Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Through certain Economic Immigration programs of Express Entry, IRCC select and communicate with qualified and skilled workers and help in fulfilling the labor market requirements of Canada.

Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) is one of the economic immigration programs managed under Express Entry. This economic immigration program is for skilled workers with foreign work experience who want to immigrate to Canada permanently and support the economy by utilizing their skills.

In this program, it is mandatory for the Foreign Skilled Workers to meet the eligibility criteria on the basis of factors including:

  • Age
  • Education (as per Canadian Education Standards)
  • Language Proficiency
  • Work Experience
  • Having a valid job offer
  • Adaptability

These 6 factors are a part of a 100-point grid, which is used to check the eligibility of the candidate for the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP). Out of 100-point, it is mandatory for the applicant to score a minimum of 67-points, in order to submit an application for a Canadian Permanent Residence Visa.

Once the Skilled Worker meets the eligibility criteria of the Federal Skilled Worker Program and submits an Express Entry profile, IRCC uses Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) Score to rank the profile among other skilled workers.

And, more CRS Score will give high rank to the profile into the Express Entry Pool, which increases chances of receiving an invitation from IRCC to apply for a Canadian Permanent Residence Visa.

Minimum Requirements

Work Experience

For Foreign Skilled Workers it is mandatory to have a at least minimum of 1 year of continuous, paid, and full-time (or equivalent part-time) work experience under a single occupation in the past 10 years from the date of submission of application. Additionally, it is mandatory to have work Experience in one (1) of the following National Occupational Classification (NOC) job groups:

  •   Managerial jobs (skill type 0),
  •  • Professional jobs (skill level A), or
  •  • Technical jobs and skilled trades (skill level B). 

Language Proficiency Requirements

Foreign Skilled Workers need to take a language proficiency test for English or French language and get a minimum score of Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 7 in all 4 modules i.e. writing, reading, listening, and speaking.

Education Requirement

If earned within Canada

  •   For Skilled Workers who attended qualification from school/ college within Canada, a diploma/ degree from the secondary institution (high school) or post-secondary institution is required.
If earned outside Canada
  •   If the Skilled Workers attended qualification from school/ college outside of Canada, an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) Report from one of the ECA Designated Authorities, for the purpose of immigration is required.
  •   ECA Report showing earned education is equal to a diploma/ degree from a Canadian secondary institution (high school) or post-secondary institution.

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