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Australian Universities restrict the application of some Indian States

Australian Universities restrict the application of some Indian States

The rise in fraudulent applications restricts the admission of Indian students to five Australian universities.

According to a media report, due to an increase in fraudulent applications from South Asia wishing to work – not study – in this nation, at least five Australian institutions have banned or restricted admission for students from several Indian states.

Australia is on course to receive more Indian students than ever before each year, breaking the previous record of 75,000 set in 2019.

Legislators and the education sector are worried about the integrity of Australia’s immigration system and the long-term effects on the lucrative international education market as a result of the recent spike.

More students have returned than anyone anticipated, and the volume has increased.

There was a lot of unmet demand that was anticipated, but there has also been an increase in fake students.

Universities are putting limits in place to prevent their “risk rating” from being decreased since many applications are regarded by universities as not satisfying Australian visa criteria that they are a “genuine temporary entrant” coming only for education.

The University of Wollongong, Edith Cowan University, Torrens University, and agents working for Southern Cross University have all provided emails to The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald newspapers as part of their investigation. These emails show the crackdown on applications from Indian students.

Due to the number of candidates who actually want to work in Australia rather than study there, those colleges that have restricted access to particular Indian states are worried that Home Affairs would limit their capacity to expedite student visas.

Punjab and Haryana applicants from India were outright barred from applying to Edith Cowan University in Perth in February. In March, Victoria University tightened its limits on student admissions from eight Indian states, including Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Gujarat.

These limitations were implemented only a few days after Prime Minister Anthony Albanese traveled to India to celebrate Australia’s educational ties and to announce a new agreement with Australian universities and colleges. He described this agreement as the most comprehensive and ambitious arrangement agreed upon by India with any country.

The crucial component of the deal was the mutual recognition of qualifications between Australia and India, which made it simpler to travel to either nation for university education.

In March, the University of Wollongong tightened the requirements for its genuine temporary entrant test for students from India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Lebanon, Mongolia, Nigeria, and other countries deemed a risk (of students not being a genuine temporary entrant) by the Department of Home Affair.

Torrens University in Adelaide, which previously told The Times Higher Education in March that it was only considering very strong applications from Gujarat, Haryana, and Punjab, now says it is looking carefully at each area where the applications come from. If you wish to immigrate to Australia as a permanent resident or for the purpose of tourism you can contact our Australia Immigration counselor at 8595010514, or you can also mail us at

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