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New Zealand Tourist Visa

Experience the wonders of being in the Maori Land with a New Zealand Tourist Visa.

You can experience endless views of breathtaking landscapes in New Zealand, including Queenstown’s sheer mountains, the Ninety Mile Beach in Northland, and Abel Tasman’s crystal-clear waters. What most piques your interest? The great outdoors, with the potential of climbs and treks, or do you anticipate lounging on the beach, or do you want to live it up, sipping wine while gazing out at the surrounding rolling greens? You can accomplish all that and much more with a New Zealand Tourist/Visitor Visa.

You are allowed to travel as a visitor to New Zealand with this visa. A job interview or a brief period of study is also permitted on this visa. To maintain yourself throughout your visit, you will need enough cash.

With this New Zealand Tourist Visa from India, You can

  • Travel to see friends and relatives, discover New Zealand, engage in adventure activities, or play amateur sports.
  • Spend three months studying.
  • Add in your visa application your spouse and any dependent children who are 19 years old or younger.

New Zealand Tourist / Visitor Visa Requirements

The following are some fundamental New Zealand Tourist/ Visitor Visa requirements that applicants entering New Zealand must fulfill:

  • They must possess legitimate travel documentation. Passports must be valid during their designated stay.
  • They ought to have enough money to pay for their travel to the nation. This should contain money for living expenses in addition to money for basic requirements.
  • They shouldn’t be facing any criminal charges.
  • They must demonstrate that they are a legitimate tourist who will be leaving the country when their visa expires.
  • They should either have a return ticket or be able to prove they have the money to buy one.

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New Zealand Tourist / Visitor Visa Document Checklist

Below mentioned are the documents required for obtaining a tourist visa for New Zealand:

  • Two current pictures and a passport that is still valid must be submitted by the applicant.
  • The application will also need to submit confirmed return airline tickets.
  • A covering letter in which the applicant must describe the details of the visit’s duration and purpose.
  • Information on the hotel reservation must be provided by the applicant.
  • The applicant will need to provide their tax return paperwork. The last three years’ worth of income tax information must be provided. A photocopy of the applicant’s Pan Card is also required.
  • The applicant must additionally submit supporting investment documentation.
  • If the applicant possesses an older passport or visa, information about them must be given.
  • For salaried individuals, an authorized leave application on business letterhead must be submitted.
  • If a student is granted a leave of absence, a letter from the school is necessary.
  • For self-employed applicants, information regarding the company or business registration must be provided. Salaried individuals must provide salary slips from the previous six months. Students must provide proof of enrollment in school or college. Retired individuals must provide retirement documentation.

In addition to the essential documents, an applicant will need to provide a few additional documents if they are visiting New Zealand for a legal business purpose. They include:

  • An invitation letter from the business,
  • Information about the meeting or even the applicant will attend, proof of taxation,
  • Evidence of business registration, and
  • A copy of the business license.

A medical certificate and a character reference must also be submitted by the candidate.

New Zealand Tourist / Visitor Visa Process

The applicant must first complete the online application form while initiating the New Zealand Tourist/ Visitor Visa Process.

  • The applicant must first complete the online application form. Those who wish to apply offline must obtain Form INZ 1017.
  • The applicant must pay the fee for the visa and will receive a receipt for it.
  • The form must be submitted by the applicant at the visa application center. All required documentation and a receipt for the visa fee must be submitted with the application. The applicant must be mindful of the fact that he must persuade the immigration authorities that he will depart New Zealand before the visa expires. He must persuade the authorities that he has sufficient justifications for returning to his native nation.
  • Also, the applicant must ensure that he provides accurate information on the visa application form. The applicant will have to start the application process over if they provide incorrect information, which could result in their visa application being refused.

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New Zealand Tourist / Visitor Visa Fee

Cost of New Zealand Tourist Visa per person is NZD 211.

New Zealand Tourist / Visitor Visa Processing Time

A general processing time for New Zealand Tourist Visa is 53 days but the duration may vary depending case to case. People have also received the New Zealand tourist visa in less than a week in certain cases.


Depending on the reason for the trip, the maximum length of stay is nine months.

No. On a tourist visa, you are not allowed to work in New Zealand. The only permitted use of this visa is for tourist travel within the nation. To work in the country, you would need a work visa.

No, regular travelers can apply for a multiple entry visa, which allows them to enter the nation more than once in a specific time frame.

If you are flying from New Zealand on a connecting flight, you do not need a tourist visa as long as your stay is less than 24 hours. Also, during this time, you are not permitted to leave the airport. A transit visa will be issued in such cases. A tourist or visiting visa is necessary if you want to travel outside the transit zone or stay longer than 24 hours in the nation.


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